Texas’s economy is the envy of the nation, but Texas will be even stronger when Texas becomes more Texas and lives up to the Texas model. Our government should play no favorites; we should stop picking winners and losers in the economy. Every business in every industry should face the same rules and tax rates, whether they’re an international player moving to Plano or a native start-up in Lake Highlands. And, as we even the playing field, we should also continue to improve the business environment for all our people.


Another core concept of the Texas model is keeping our state government small and agile. We need to meaningfully cap the growth of government. We can do so through a formula that allows for increases consistent with population growth, economic growth, and inflation, while prohibiting further spending increases.


Education is the sole kind of infrastructure that can and should both be paid for by the Texas public and controlled by Texas parents. Our legislature can and should fix how we fund our schools; it is a black-mark on the State House that it never even considered a bill to fix school finance last session, preferring to wait for the Texas Supreme Court to order it to do so. This is not how a self-governing people handles its affairs. Texans should expect their legislators to handle this fundamental policy issue without the handholding of a Court.


Nations either control their borders or those borders become both fiction and history. We have a federal government that posts signs in Arizona warning our people what American territory is unsafe, rather than do its job. That cedes sovereignty over our land to drug cartels, leaving the borders we know from childhood puzzles no more real today than the borders of Byzantium. If the federal government won’t protect our territory, Texans must do so and our state legislature must prioritize the funds necessary to keep all of Texas functionally in Texas.


All Americans have the right to defend themselves and government lacks the power or the right to deny Texans the means to do so effectively.


Texas must strengthen its Culture of Life, with laws that reflect the infinite value of every human being. We must protect both prospective life and lives in being (very much including our elderly), assuring that every Texan has the chance to live a long, full life.