Dan Morenoff is an unhyphenated, full-spectrum Conservative who grew up in the suburbs,went to the only public high school in America named for a baseball player, and married a girl who sat next to him in a 7th grade history class.

He studied economics and political science at Columbia,while running the school’s Conservative newspaper (he believes it was the only one in Manhattan at the time) and working with a think tank on entitlement policy.

After college, Dan worked again on entitlement reform with Senator Phil Gramm for a number of years,before leaving for law school at the University of Chicago. There, too, Dan led the institution’s leading Conservative organization.

Since 2001, Dan’s lived in Dallas, where he’s worked as a lawyer and raised three girls with his wife Erica.
In that time, Dan has led the local chapters of both the Federalist Society and the Republican Jewish Coalition,
while serving on the boards of various local charities (including his kids’ Jewish day school and his synagogue).

Today, Dan serves as the Executive Director of the Equal Voting Rights Institute — a public interest law firm working to assure that the voting rights of _every_ American are equally protected — and works at The Morenoff Firm as a self-employed business lawyer.